from single player to company group

Ever since its founding in 2008, ENREGIS GmbH has repeatedly confirmed its potential as a modern, flexible and owner-managed industrial enterprise by exerting a positive influence on the market for modern rainwater management systems, defining important benchmarks for the industry and establishing both novel technologies and – even more importantly – new safety standards.

Continued further development and the international focus of the company have led to an increasingly holistic perspective on water treatment, water supplies and waste water disposal, and to the development of integrated concepts and solution proposals for the challenges which will be posed by the customers and markets of the future.

This goes beyond a mere product portfolio and in the meantime includes a comprehensive range of services from project-specific design through to the installation of complex system structures as a partner to civil engineering customers.

As ENREGIS GmbH continued to broaden its activities in further fields connected with water and water management, it was a logical next step when the business division Rainwater Management was officially joined by further divisions for Green Infrastructure, Waste Water Technology and – particularly in the Alpine region – Spring and Drinking Water Systems from 2017. In these new fields, too, ENREGIS is already able to rely on strong partnerships with corresponding experts from research and local industry.

Given its origins in water management, its visionary strength and innovation potential, it is only natural that ENREGIS GmbH has also taken up the climate challenges of our times and is developing solutions which extend beyond its own horizons. The topic of climate protection is placed at the focus of business activities. After all, many positive influences on climate in the urban setting have their roots in the sustainable management of rainwater.

Desealing is here the keyword – and water-bound surfaces are the solution. They serve not only as an important form of temporary rainwater storage, facilitating gradual seepage or else cooling and climate-improving evaporation. The strain taken off existing drain systems, especially in case of heavy rainfall events, is another factor which should not be underestimated. Water-bound surfaces are similarly indivisible from the field of green infrastructure, as their water storage capacity promotes urban planting locations of all kinds in combination with other products from the ENREGIS portfolio.

DISPO GmbH from Parensen in Lower Saxony, a company well known as a supplier of such water-bound surface materials, ecological vegetation and filter substrates, and surfaces for sports facilities, was able to look back over many years of successful cooperation with ENREGIS regarding the development of Biocalith® high-performance filter substrates. Following acquisition of the company as DISPOplus GmbH in July 2019, this cooperation has become a strategic element of the newly formed ENREGIS Group.

The acquisition also covers a shareholding interest in the similarly Parensen-based company PILOSITH GmbH, a specialist supplier of natural clay building materials and paints, which stand as ecological guarantees for a natural room climate.

Since February 2020, a more than 10-year partnership with Tyrolean-based Walter Winkler and his company WWET, a proven specialist in the field of spring water and drinking water systems, has been raised to a new level with the founding of ENREGIS Österreich GmbH. Together with co-managing director Rene Eller, a highly qualified expert in the field of stainless steel processing, Walter Winkler has sent a signal to the market by registering a new and very promising company with headquarters in the small town of Hall in Tirol, near Innsbruck.

This new location is devoted to the production of technically sophisticated tanks and storage solutions for spring and drinking water systems, alongside certified rainwater management systems in strict compliance with ÖNORM and other Austrian regional standards and regulations.

The bundling of know-how and a broad diversity of materials expertise enables the standardised or project-specific production of ideal system solutions combining plastics and stainless steel in perfect harmony.

The expansion to Tyrol is an important strategic decision for ENREGIS and has added a new chapter to the history of the ENREGIS Group. After all, besides the integration of stainless steel processing into the overall product and service portfolio, all the established divisions and companies of the ENREGIS Group can now develop business throughout the Alpine region through their newly founded partner ENREGIS Österreich GmbH in Austria.