About us

ENREGIS is a dynamic company with staff members who are specialized and experienced in rainwater management, drainage technology, renewable environment heat technology and the accompanying services.

Our sales and consultation offers products, system solutions and services for numerous applications as well as planning and realization of major projects. We operate throughout Europe and assist our customers as partners. We judge ourselves by the satisfaction of our customers and partners, not by a short-term profit maximization or by a stock exchange price.


You don’t believe in visions (any more)??
You (only) see visions as marketing tools??
You were often disappointed by “visionaries”?

The German word “Vision” (English “vision”) comes from the Latin word “videre” = see or rather “visio” = show. So a vision should represent a realistic idea of a desired future. The aim is to bring clarity and direction in action and especially in thoughts. This requires the knowledge of what one knows, what one wants, for what one is doing that and in which direction oneself or the company should develop.

Vision and management

If all top managers were able to act visionary, most management problems and the resulting destruction of capital would not have happened.

Often managers “just” act strategic and “just” for self-interest, vanity, fear and the protection of their own job. Those attempts rule useful visions out of a company. Eventually, it is all about buying as many companies as possible to appear large and powerful. It is even not uncommon to compare this with visions. However, if their construction collapses like a house of cards, no one calls them a visionary anymore. Quite rightly they are called megalomaniac losers who receive a high compensation or bonus for their “good” work.

The idea of networks/ partner models as a solution for product/ customer structures has already been existing for several years. Within the last years, the difficulty for large companies and industrial companies is the specialization on product level and on level of performance. For sure the center of attention was on the specialization on product level and the cost optimization. Past experience has clearly shown that this was at expense of customer proximity and service satisfaction of sales partners. So you will often find industrial technically high-quality products which are neither subject to an integrated strategy, nor integrate customers as partners or present them a comprehensive solution.


We consequently develop niche markets for and with our customers and partners. We do so in a network of people and companies. We have traditional values like confidence, honesty and loyalty. For us, they are more important than a short-term profit maximization! We do not see people as a resource, but as experts and as the core of a company. We question our decisions regularly and reserve ourselves right to adjust our partnerships with regard to the realization of our vision. Our customers and their satisfaction are always in the focus of our action and the ENREGIS-network.

The vision of ENREGIS is our picture of the future. A future we, our employees, our partner companies and customers would be enthusiastic about. Do let our way of communicating and cooperating enthuse you. Go and get a part of our network!

Andreas P. Amft & Claudis Lenze, Executive Partners