ENREGIS is a district dynamic company with member of staff which is specialized and experienced in the segment of rainwater management, the drainage technology as well the renewable environment heat technology and the service belongs to it.


In the distribution and consultation we offer products, system solutions and services for varied uses through planning and realization of complicated big projects.


The company and his employees look back to many years experience in holistic, modern and above all sustainable rainwater management.

Thermal Heat

ENREGIS is specialized in the development, design and production of different geothermal energy sources as well as high efficiency heat pump technology.


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Water pollutants from green roofs and façades


Biocidal agents used in modern construction products have two typical applications: As in-can preservation they prevent paint or lacquers from fouling in the bucket. As film preservation they protect treated surfaces against microbial growth. Usually those products are used for façades or green roof ...

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Distributed storm water treatment devices Increasing importance and efficiency


On the one hand the waste water disposal in Germany meets a high standard on an international scale. On the other hand municipal sewer systems currently are heavily loaded exemplified at the state North Rhine-Westphalia. The state North Rhine-Westphalia is characterised by a high density of populati ...

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